Travel Mouse CRM Features

Travel Mouse CRM Features include important tools like Automatic Checklist Reminders to keep you on task to better serve your clients. For a full list and feature comparison, see the chart below.
March 11, 2020
Agent Commission Reports

Agent Commission Reports

There are quite a few problems with manually creating Agent Commission reports. They are tedious and riddled with errors. Its just a matter of time before […]
March 11, 2020

Checklist Automation

The Problem with redundant tasks is that they suck up time. Its not just once but repeatedly. A lot of work and planning goes into planning […]
March 2, 2020
task management

Mastering Task Management

We all have things to do with our day. Creating a to do list for task management is a timeless classic way to stay on top […]

Feature Comparison

Plan FeaturesStandardAdvancedProfessional
Agent Commission Reports
Agent Dashboard
Agent Management for Managers
Automatic Checklist Reminders
Automatic Client Emails
Celebration Tracking
Client Contact/Family Management
Client Notes
Commissions Management
Deposit Tracking
Email Template Builder
Reservation Tracking
Task Reminders
Trip Booking
Agency WebsiteX
Client Birthday/Anniversary EmailsX
Client Marketing ToolsX
Client PortalX
Mailchimp IntegrationX
Product/Property ManagementX
Agent WebsiteX
Client Portal Pro/ Online ItinerariesX
Disney Travel IntegrationX
Send Tasks to ClientsX
Social Media Merketing ToolsX
Client Import ToolXX
Client-Client LinkingXX
Custom ReportingXX
Data Export ToolXX
Accounting LedgerXX
Accounts Payable ManagementXX
Accounts Receivable ManagementXX
Google Calendar IntegrationXX
Inter-office Task CollaborationXX
Payment History InfoXX
Secure CC Info CollectionXX
Automated US Tax Docs - 1099/W2XX